My Morning 05: Jessica Comingore

Today's 'My Morning' lady is actually the very person who inspired this series in the first place. I have been following Jessica's work and blog for some time now, and it has never failed to greatly inspire me in so many ways. She is a talented designer & photographer with such a beautifully simple aesthetic, something I aspire to achieve in my work. But even more importantly, she is a genuinely beautiful person, inside and out, with much wisdom for her young age. And she creates killer playlists, too! 
She shares some great insides on a lovely morning routine, and I already incorporated one of her tips: oil pulling.
 Thanks Jessica!


01. Are you a morning person?

Very much so! I always have been (though that also means I've always been a grandmother whose eyes automatically close at 10:30pm).

02. What is the sound of your alarm and what time does it go off?

It may sound silly, but I found this website called Clear Tones with "minimalist ringtones" earlier this year and started using them for all of my phone alerts. They're really lovely! I use the one called 'The Zen Man' to wake me up in the morning. It goes off at 6am.


03. What is the first thing you do when you get up?

A friend got me into oil pulling a few months back so that's been a consistent part of my morning routine, along with a cup of ginger tea and a skim through the New York Times. But usually the first thing I do is either jet out the door for a jog (I love that the streets are so quiet at that hour), or hop in the shower.

04. What do you have for breakfast?

Lately, I've been on an oatmeal with blueberries kick, alongside a cup of rooibos tea with a bit of steamed milk. But on the weekends I'll go all out with some scrambled eggs or french toast. Mark Bittman has the best slow cooked scrambled eggs recipe in existence, and after one bite, you'll never look at scrambled eggs the same.


05. Do you swear by a particular beauty routine or product?

I recently adopted a wash-your-hair-every-other-day regimen and it's been a real blessing (both in terms of time and styling). I also picked up a bottle of Redken's Wax Blast and its made styling short hair a dream. In terms of products, I typically just throw on a bit of blush, eyeliner and mascara before I head out the door. I swear by Mac's Penultimate Eye Liner and if I'm feeling fancy, Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square.

06. Do you have a secret / silly / weird morning habit no one knows about? Do tell!

It's not too much of a secret as I've managed to get a few friends on board too, but I'm hooked on checking my horoscope every morning. So much so that I downloaded Susan Miller's Astrology Zone app and check it religiously when I wake up. I don't necessarily live my life by it, but it's fun to see how accurate those readings are some days!