Anthony McCall Exhibition at the Amsterdam Eye Museum


One of the many pleasures of having family visiting, is playing tourist in your city for a few days. So last week, when my nephew came to Amsterdam, I went to the Eye Museum for the first time. After wandering around the building and having had coffee and madeleines on the terrace, we spontaneously decided to go see the exhibition that was going on: Solid light films and other works by British-born artist Anthony McCall.
Not knowing what to expect, we just stumbled in there and were hugely impressed. I came out gushing about the experience to everyone! It is a very interactive exhibition, which makes it so interesting while there. But even the few snaps I took (with the trusty iPhone), the continuously changing simple lines and shapes, the stark contrasts, left me majorly inspired. 

If you have a chance, go see it! The exhibition is in the EYE Amsterdam from September 28th until November 30th. 

Other interesting things:

  1. Briefly, great film with top creatives sharing their thoughts on the creative brief, via David Airey. Very inspiring and eyeopening, emphasising once more the importance of research and the big "WHY are we doing what we're doing?"
  2. Jessica send me this oldie-but-goodie NYT article about the "busy trap". A great reminder, always.
  3. A controversial and confronting Vanity Fair article about the Millennial generation, aka "Generation Wuss" via Océane.
  4. Loved reading The Benefits of a Wandering Mind via the Sans Ceuticals blog.
  5. Funny and super interesting read on How to be polite

Have a lovely week everyone!