Nice Stuff

One of my favourite reads in blogland has to be Shioban's "Nice Stuff" series. I thought you might enjoy it too, so she kindly agreed to concoct a post for you, while I am away for work and travel. Thanks Shioban!


I'm so happy to be sharing my 'Nice Stuff' finds with you while Maja is away travelling. I really love collecting all the nice things I find on the internet each week, so I hope you enjoy it too. Thanks so much for having me Maja, and wishing you happy travels!

1. I'm so smitten with Natasha Newton's art, her moon illustrations have been on my wish list for a while. I love her paintings on stones, and the idea of not just confining art to your walls but having it all around your house. Art you can hold.

2. I've spent a lot of time over the last few months trawling Etsy for British-made products, trying to find stylish things made close to home. I came across Jeanie Deans and her bags, all made in Exeter where I went to school. She's got some really lovely things in her shop, but my favourite is this indigo shibori and canvas zipper bag.

3. I've been having a go at making my own soy candles, as I burn a lot around the house. It's really satisfying to make something for yourself that you'd usually just buy in a shop. I've been bookmarking a lot of concrete diy projects, and I like the idea of making a concrete candle holder to pour the wax straight into. Found via Pinterest, but the original link has now expired.

4. I haven't done much baking of sweet stuff lately as I've been steering clear of the inevitable aftermath - the eating of all the sweet stuff. I do have a whole bag of pears in my fridge that need eating, and this pear and ginger chocolate mini loaf from Fig & Honey would be the perfect way to use them up.

5. Another of my British-made Etsy finds, The Mountain upper finger ring by We Are Arrow.

6. Is it OK to be posting about Christmas yet? I don't mean to pull a Starbucks on you in early November, but I'm getting kinda crazy for Christmas already this year. I'm determined to hand make all my cards and gifts, and put a little extra effort into my decorating. I've bought all my supplies to start making presents, but I'm keeping it simple to make it easy for myself. I love this black, white and kraft paper gift wrapping. Simple and stylish.

Thanks for reading, I hope you've enjoyed my finds!