morocco part 5: over the atlas


On our way back from Marrakech to the coast, we wanted to take the scenic route over the Atlas mountains. On the way up we passed seemingly deserted villages and enjoyed the wild views of the mountains. Nearing the top however, we basically drove right into the clouds and were surrounded by such thick fog on all sides that driving the narrow and super windy roads was a scary undertaking at times. At the top, we couldn't believe it, was a little shop whith a fireplace selling tea. After we had warmed our feet at the fireplace we continued our descend through the thick fog. If you are tempted, like us, to pick up cactus fruit along the way, because you read somewhere it's edible, word to the wise: don't do it! Not only did we not eat them, but soon discovered the whole car, our hands and basically every inch on our bodies was covered with painful little spines from the cactus fruit, so we quickly gave up on the idea. THESE SPINES SPREAD LIKE CRAZY.

* edited to add: I just googled the cactus fruit. Apparently it is often referred to as "prickly pear"; how appropriate.