kinfolk dinner: l'esprit de la mer


Two weeks ago we went to the Kinfolk L’Esprit de la Mer dinner in Amsterdam. It was hosted by the lovely Chantal, her darling mini-me Sophie and her husband Harry. It felt a bit odd at first, the thought of walking into someone’s house and having dinner with people you've never met. But that feeling of unease didn’t last long, it probably left the moment Harry handed me that insanely good Margarita. Conversation between the guests flowed easily and by the end of the night phone numbers were being exchanged and future get-togethers planned. A huge thank you to Chantal and her beautiful family for a lovely evening, delicious food and making new friends. We left with full bellies, hearts and smiley faces. Until next time.

I untypically left any and all picture making devices at home. The above photos were all taken by fantastic photographer Alexandre Coric. See more of his great work here