Earth Patterns


Last week I discovered this amazing project called Earth Patterns by Lauren Manning. She's a multidisciplinary designer based in New York and her portfolio is chockfull with interesting and diverse works. One of them is her tumblr, where she "collects" the beautiful patterns of the earth.

"When I first got my iPad, I realized I had no idea what to actually use it for. I watched some Netflix, played Draw Something (but it felt like cheating on a big screen) and then discovered that Google Maps looked really cool on a retina display. These are screen grabs of beautiful stuff I found exploring the globe from the comfort of my bed."

Major pattern inspiration curtesy of mother earth, and some human intervention here and there, I guess.

Also, be sure to check out her "Broken Umbrella Project". The name says it all.

Which one is your favourite?! For me it's a tie between Nr. 4 and the last image, but they're all just so good!