adventures on the north sea coast


Two weekends ago we took a ferry to one of the tiny North Sea islands off the coast of the Netherlands, called Schiermonnikoog. We stayed in this super old-fashioned hotel, that positively screamed Grand Budapest. It is kept in its mostly original state, which gives it that lovely good-old-days charm, holes in the walls and all.


During the day we explored the island with our little tandem and walked a lot. And man, that tiny island is VAST. During low tide, the beach is crazy wide and there were literally no other people, which felt eery in a way. What a change of pace compared to Amsterdam, where people are basically living on top of each other.


We also had a little adventure that included us crossing a tide pool, wanting to get to what I thought were seals on the other side. The only problem was that I totally misjudged the depth and distance. I ended up wading through waist deep water, stubbornly wanting to get to the other side, no matter what. I was drenched,  BUT I made it, only to discover that there were no seals. Of course not. So I took off my soaking wet pants and made the track back through the water, half naked. Another big advantage of those empty beaches, is zero chance of public nudity complaints. Back on solid ground, we took a nap while our pants were billowing in the wind and drying in the sun.

P.S: Thank god for the iPhone and taking photos in a pinch. I feel that more and more, I don't want to lug around my hefty DSLR on trips anymore. I really need to invest in a decent compact camera though. I am dreaming about this Olympia model, but it's so pricey. Do you guys have any recommendations?