My Morning 01: Natalie Nedelkovska

I am so happy to introduce a new series on the blog called My Morning. I've always been curious about other people's routines and lives (kind of stating the obvious as an avid blog reader, no?), reading about structuring their day, their rituals and everyday magic moments. So I've asked a few of my blog friends to tell us about their morning routines, kicking things off with my sweet friend, the talented Natalie, designer and creator of La Designerie. 


1) Are you a morning person?

Definitely not, I’ve always been a night owl. As long as I remember I was spending my nights reading, writing, studying, not as a voluntary act, but like a natural condition of my body and mind. My concentration is on its peak when others sleep, and that’s probably why I just can’t be productive enough in a 9-5 job. At least, it will cost me an endless effort to remain focused and far from the coffee machine for more than an hour.   


2) What is the sound of your alarm and what time does it go off?

The current sound is the iPhone Minuet - the most important thing to me when choosing the ring was a relatively slow rhythm, with as less as possible metallic and mechanic tones. I don’t have a wake up regime, it all depends on the hour when I shut down my computer the night before. But usually, I’m fully awaken by 10.00 and already “cleaning" my inbox.    


3) What is the first thing you do when you get up?

This can sound a little bit weird, but the very first thing I do is drinking a lot of water. I always wake up thirsty, and I start to feel sick if I don’t drink a glass of water.


4) What do you have for breakfast?

Uhm… please don’t follow my example. I don’t eat in the mornings. I know how unhealthy this is, but my body just refuses any kind of food in the first two hours, especially sugars like jams, Nutella, biscuits, milk and other - let’s admit it - unhealthy food. Water and a small cup of espresso are the only welcome tastes in those first hours of the day.  


5) Do you swear by a particular beauty routine or product?

I can't imagine to start my day without washing my face with a lot of cold water. The shower is an evening thing for me, so in the mornings my beauty threat consists only in pure water: drinking and sprinkling a lot of it.


6) Do you have a secret/silly/weird morning habit no one knows about? Do tell!

More than secret, it’s a bad habit I really want to get rid of: reaching for my phone and checking emails and other notifications. It’s definitely the perfect way to start your day - stressed. Lately, slowly but surely I manage to postpone that moment for more than 10 minutes :))  


Thanks for joining Natalie! I will definitely amp up my water consumption after reading this. Hopefully you guys like the new series. Stay tuned for more of  My Morning in the next few weeks with other lovely creatives.