Amsterdam: De Laatste Kruimel

laatste Kruimel.JPG

Amidst the crowded tourist center near the Spui, in a place you would never hope to find such a treat, sits De Laatse Kruimel. The window display looks promising; cakes, brownies and cookies on the one side, piles of bread, quiches and sandwiches on the other. Inside, is a fridge full of freshly squeezed juices and home mixed smoothies and shelves filled with homemade jams and curds. And the smell! Baking everything in their café, the owners constantly pull the most deliciously smelling goods out of their oven. Hiding in the back of the café, is a tiny terrace with just enough space for a couple of people to sit comfortably, looking out at the canal. It's the perfect spot to enjoy your bread pudding, or pistachio-orange cake, or brownies... Really, it's all SO good.


De Laatste Kruimel

Mon - Sat | 8am  - 8pm
Sun | 9am - 8 pm

Langebrugsteeg 4, Amsterdam