Introducing Jeroen de Bakker


I am so excited to have my man introduce insanely talented photographer and his friend Jeroen de Bakker. Take it away M.

A friend of mine, Dutch documentary photographer Jeroen de Bakker, spend last year in Myanmar, the South-East Asian country formerly known as Burma. Jeroen met, befriended, followed and photographed a politician of the opposition party who earns his living as a hair dresser, a happy rice farmer who likes to ride his ox as if it was a horse, and an HIV-infected guy who used to serve in the army. He spend three weeks following inhabitants of a leprosy hospital, he went to gigs of a bad-ass hip-hop crew and spend a night with a graffiti posse roaming the streets of Yangon. Jeroen's Myanmar Project shows how life is rapidly changing since the military regime started to open up to the world.

Take a look at the Myanmar Project to see more of his work. If you like what you see, make sure to stay tuned. Jeroen will share his experiences and his pictures on September 12th in The Hague, where his work will be exhibited at ProDemos. Later this year, parts of The Myanmar Project will be shown in the Linden Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.