Essentials for the newbie camper


Tomorrow we're going to Wilderness Festival and then road tripping and camping along the west coast of England. I can't freaking wait. But here's the thing. I was always thinking of myself as at least semi-outdoorsy. So last weekend, while I was writing the packing list (everyone does that, right?), I've tried to recall my camping vacations. Turns out, I've never REALLY been camping. My total-nights-spent-in-a-tent tally comes up to four, maybe five. But none of those nights were consecutive. So, to prepare a bit for the adventure ahead we ordered a huge ass air bed to schlepp along and sleep on.  And I made a list of essentials to bring. Or at least what I believe to be the essentials, since I am very much clueless. All you ex girls scouts and seasoned festival goers, I'd love your tips! I'll be back in 10 days, hopefully with fun memories, a SD-Card full of pics to prove it and mud crusted wellies and hair (just kidding). 

1 | I know, bringing a hat might be a tad optimistic, but I sure hope I'll need it to shield me from the harsh UK sun.

2 | A notebook to write down or sketch any ideas, thoughts, information, memories.

3 | Our coffee maker, because well, no morning without coffee in this house, or tent. And dried fruit for easy conservation reasons.

4 | Favourite grey cashmere jumper, for breezy nights by the sea.

5 | Trusty Levi's jeans. Big enough to be comfy, old enough to withstand a few more stains & tears.

6 | In case it does get warm, the basic, backless jumpsuit for the festival. Easy but dressy at the same time.

7 | A good book, or books. In my case, catching up with reading for yoga teacher training.

8 | Birks, actually sturdy enough for all the mud, hikes and rain we might face.

9 | Favourite wool blanket to make the tent a bit more homey.

10 | I'll bring along the ol' Uke and practice in lonely fields were no one can be disturbed with my off-key singing. ( Big apology to all my neighbours!)

11 | That SPF 50 sunblock, because I'm a ghost.

12 | Dry shampoo. Let's face it, I hardly wash my hair at home anymore, let alone on a road trip...

13 | Natural face wipes. 

14 | Wellies, for the obvious reasons. Although mine are actual bright yellow and cost $20. These would be the classy choice and my choice, if I had a small fortune to spend on rubber.