Life Lately

Taking inspiration from Erin and her Week in Objects series, here is life as of late, in objects.

  1. Popcorn, always and forever. I finally found the perfect organic kernels, that pop quickly and evenly, open up all the way and don't burn on the bottom. The lazy go-to flavours of late are olive oil & sea salt and cinnamon & honey. If you want something a bit more elaborate check out this recipe for salted caramel popcorn.
  2. This little Moroccan door mat, for keeping out most of the dirt from our bedroom when we walk in and out of the garden. I know it's silly, but it makes such a difference.
  3. Dried lavender, for looking pretty and smelling lovely.
  4. Crystals are taking over the house, but I'm not complaining. 
  5. Still using the enamel mugs from our UK road trip. Only, no more cowboy coffee (see what I did there Freya?) but the real thing sans grounds floating around.
  6. Apart from working, most of my time has been spend on the mat, either in the yoga studio or studying at home. As part of my yoga teacher training (which ends in November...can't believe how fast it went), I am teaching my first real yoga class tonight. I am super excited but also pretty nervous.