UK Roadtrip: Oxford

Oxford was the first stop on our route. Maybe it was because, in general, you are more impressionable in the first city you stop or maybe just because we were really excited to walk around and stretch our legs after 9 hours in the car, but Oxford immediately charmed its way into our hearts. The little neighbourhoods on the outskirts, with one house cuter than the next and crooked lamp posts. The ancient graveyards and churches, with so much character and magical light shining through the trees. And of course, most impressively, all the different college buildings of Oxford University scattered throughout the city centre. Really, it made me wish I was a proper academic, spending hours on end in one of the many beautiful libraries, buried in my books, researching and writing. It just has that certain air, you know?!

Picture 4: This drink was amazing! Get your hands on it if you're a coconut water fan.

Picture 8: Does anyone else see the Wicked Witch of the West in that cloud?