dried tomato spread.

So, for those of you who didn't know, I'm German. More specifically, Bavarian. Even so, most of the German stereotypes do not apply to me...at all.

I'm not very disciplined, I'm almost always late (sorry, lovely friends+family!) and I don't have a thing for cars.

There is one thing about me however, that I consider to be typically German. I LOVE BREAD. And by bread, I mean all of it. Baguettes, white rolls, Pumpernickel, dark rye bread, rice bread, Brezen (=Pretzels), Kipferl, Croissants, potato bread, farmhouse bread...you get the picture.

The good thing is, living in Bavaria you can have all of the above and more, in a matter of minutes. Even the tiny hole-in-the-wall bakery around the corner, carries a great variety of the beast quality. When I lived in England, after 3 weeks I couldn't stand the sight of all that white, texture-less toast. Same thing happened during my year in Chicago. Of course, after some time I scooped out substitutes I was reasonably happy with, but it just couldn't compare. So, I admit it. I'm a bit of a bread snob. Anyway...

Even though I love a simple slice with nothing but a little butter, sometimes it's nice to mix things up. Enter homemade spreads. Just like last week's spread, this recipe is the epitome of fast and easy. It makes for the perfect brunch addition. You can also serve it as a dip at your next party, with some bread sticks and sliced baguette.

Dried Tomato Spread

150 g dried tomatoes

200 g cream cheese

1 tbsp oil from the dried tomatoes


1 small clove garlic, pressed (optional)

50 g Feta cheese (optional)

Put all of the ingredients in a bowl, and blend together with an immersion blender (or food processor). Garnish with fresh parsley or Basil. Done!