easy valentine's DIY.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching with decidedly romantic steps. Even though it’s not a German original and has been imported from the States (thanks guys), we can’t completely ignore it anymore and have to embrace this holiday as one of our own. Just like Halloween. Although, I am still not convinced of that one…

I don’t want to spend a fortune on an imported holiday though, especially if the BF isn’t a big fan anyway. Buying sad greenhouse tulips is also no option.

I have been seeing embroidered everything floating around in Blogland lately. Like these adorable teabag wrappers.

So let’s do it the fun way, and create a little something ourselves.

I wanted to make something simple and easy. And you know what, it was super easy. Make this card, throw some chocolate in the mix and you’ll have all you need, to delight your favorite person with a homemade surprise.

Embroidered Valentine’s Card

What you’ll need:

· 1 sheet of cardboard

· 1 pencil

· 1 sewing needle, big size

· 1 embroidery thread

Take the cardboard paper and fold it in half. With the pencil, lightly draw a heart on the outside of your card. You can draw anything you want, really. Then, put your thread through the needle and start stitching around the shape of your drawing. Secure the starting point, with a little knot on the backside. Go all around your pattern. In the end secure the thread again with a little knot on the other side. Cut off the remaining piece of thread. If there are some pencil traces shining through, you can carefully remove them with an eraser.

Now, the only thing missing is a lovely note for your Valentine and the card is all done!

Have fun creating your own Valentine’s Cards. I hope you like it.