red velvet beet soup.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all who like it. Happy Tuesday to everyone else.

Nothing wrong with a day dedicated to the people you care about. Here, it’s just never really that big a deal.  I just give out free hugs and kisses to all my friends and family, even if they’re trying to escape my smooches. They’ll thank me later. 

No romantic dinner with my boyfriend either, since he lives 800 km away and all.

For those of you, who are staying in to cook up a nice (Valentine’s) dinner for yourself, friends, and/or lovers, I got a delicious and fast beet soup recipe for you.

 I really lucked out with this one. It was one of those moments in the kitchen, when you just go with the flow and it actually works.

Ok, some people might think there’s nothing more unattractive than beet root. And honestly, until recently, I did too. Bad childhood memories of stinky vegetable stews come to mind. It takes a special kind of magic, to win over a true beet root infidel. This recipe contains all the magic you need to charm the skeptics. Easily prepared, pretty, tasty and light enough for all kinds of (Valentine’s) shenanigans afterwards.


Red Velvet Beet Soup

1 tbsp butter

1 splash olive oil

2 small red onions

1 piece of ginger, thumb sized

1 pack preboiled beets (4-5 beets) if you aren’t in luck, and your grocery store doesn’t carry organic, preboiled, vacuum-packed beets, you have to cook the beets beforehand, or let them simmer in the broth substantially longer, until tender)

1 splash of raspberry vinegar (or any kind of sweet vinegar)

1 bay leaf

1 pinch cayenne pepper

1 tsp dried cilantro (coriander)

vegetable broth 

Crème fraiche and mint to garnish

Ready in 20 min

In a medium-sized sauce pan, put in butter and olive oil to sauté the chopped onions, about 3 minutes, then add the chopped ginger. Add the roughly cubed beets and after a minute deglaze with a splash of sweet vinegar. Put in enough broth, that the beets are well covered. If you need, you can always add more broth later on. Put in the bay leaf, cilantro and cayenne and let simmer for 10-15 minutes. Take out the bay leaf, before blending the soup to a nice creamy consistency. Garnish with crème fraiche and few mint leafs.