soundtracks for everyday adventures.

Do you know these moments in your life, when you walk through the city, perfectly happy for no particular reason? When you marvel at the sunset with your favorite gelato in hand? Don't you just wish, you had music playing in the background to enjoy your moment? Music, that was just right for that instant? Lullatone's

Soundtracks for everyday Adventures is exactly that: it makes all the little things in your life feel special, like they're part of your personal movie. Your soundtrack for everyday magic kind of things.

These songs will make your day feel beautiful and oh so whimsical. My favorites would have to be checking things of a to-do list early in the morning and an older couple holding hands. You can listen to the tracks on the bottom. I love them.

Thank you Amanda for sharing this. I came across Lullatone's album on Wit and Whistle 's blog today. How lucky!