vanilla mango lassi.

Yesterday, was the first sunny day in god knows how long. It was warm and bright.The birds were out and about chirping, singing and dancing. It was so lovely to feel the warm sun on my skin again. So lovely indeed, I think spring fever hit me, because I ended up buying a mango at the market. In February.

So instead of baking a Sunday cake, I made sweet Vanilla Mango Lassi. Perfect for glorying in the first warming rays of sunshine, dreaming of soft breezes, flowers and spring.


Vanilla Mango Lassi

serves 4 people

1 vanilla bean

1 ripe mango

300 ml yogurt

500 ml water

agave syrup

Scrape out the seeds of the vanilla bean and blend together with yogurt, water and mango. Sweeten to taste with agave syrup. Transfer Lassi to a pitcher and put in the scraped out vanilla bean. It will release more flavor. You can also use bananas or oranges instead of mango. Enjoy!

Happy 1st birthday to Sonntagssüß! Have a look at Pinterest  and Nina's blog  for more. I raise my Mango Lassi glass to another year of sweetness!