winter walk in regensburg.

Last weekend, I went for a walk through the city. It was beautiful, but despite bright blue skies and shining sun it was freezing, too.

 rooster and hen, related to the legend of the bridge

The Cathedral The Bridge of Stone and the Devil

When the decision in Regensburg  has been made to build a cathedral and a stone bridge,  the builders of both monuments made a bet. Each of them were convinced, they would finish their building faster than the other. After some time had passed, it was clear that the progress on the cathedral was way ahead. In low spirits, the bridge builder met a curious stranger  on his way home that night.

 It was the Devil. He promised the bridge builder to help him win the bet, but not for free of course. It was the Devil, after all. "What do you want?"the bridge builder asked him."The first 3 souls walking over your bridge shall be mine", the Devil replied. The deal was made.

From that time on, everything went very fast. The church builder was astonished at the swift progress of the bridge and couldn't believe he would lose the bet. Soon after, the bridge was finished and a big opening celebration was planned. The Devil was happily awaiting his price and had his eyes on the priest, who was to give the opening speech. But the bridge builder was smart and very brave. Before any man could cross it, he had shooed a chicken, a rooster and a poodle over the bridge. The Devil was so furious about this trickery, that he wanted to destroy the bridge. However much he tried, the Devil could only give the bridge a hump, that remains there to this day.