back home and gone again.

So, I am back home. No more reading on the beach, no more toes in the sand, no more waves or sunny rooftop terraces. But my time in Spain was beautiful and just what I had hoped for.

On my last night, we went to see fireworks at the beach, for the Anniversary of the Spanish Constitution, la Pepa. 

Being a grown up is highly overrated, really. Sometimes, you just have to let the kid in you reign surpreme. 

We sat in the sand and marveled at the twinkly lights and thundering noise. We “Ooohed” and “Aaaaahed “ and were grinning from ear to ear, while people were shouting “Otra! Otra!”

Now though, I can’t wait to celebrate my Mom’s and brother's birthday this weekend. After that, I am off to Amsterdam. The next little adventure awaits.