quick and dirty DIY: ball jar candle holders

Ok, so I hope no one is taking that title too literally. We are not THAT kind of blog...(hm, who is we?)

No, it actually is a quote of one of the designers, my boyfriend was sharing an office with. Whenever he was on a deadline for a design project and time was running out, he would tell his coworkers: "Stop fussing over details, people. Quick and dirty! Quick and dirty!" 

Anyway, I had to think of that line yesterday, while prepping for a night of playing some serious UNO, with friends. As a natural hoarder and collector of things (exhibit I), I hold on to all sorts of empty jars. Think jam, salsa, mustard, pickles... So finally yesterday, it was time to use them. 

In a matter of minutes, you have cosy, whimsical candle holders, to light up even the most serious of card game tournaments. Quick and dirty style.

 You need:

\ empty, clean jars

\ twine

\ scissors

Basically, just wrap the twine around the jars to your liking. Secure with knots, or some glue. Done!

What do you think?