time warp.

Wow, how has it already been a week, since my last post? In that week, I went on a boat to an island in the north sea and back again. Spent Queensday in Amsterdam and then 10 hours on a train to Germany, where I will remain for the next 9 days. Then it's back to Amsterdam for a few days, after that Berlin for a weekend, before officially settling in Hamburg for an internship for the next 6 months. Phew.

Seriously, sometimes all this throws me for a loop. Everything exciting and beautiful you had been looking forward to for weeks and weeks, just passes by in the smallest blink of an eye. And you are left standing with more memories and a heap of new things to anticipate.

Don't you wish sometimes, you could press a button that slowed down time? Or even stopped it for a while? So you can be there, in that moment, to admire and enjoy and relax and breathe for just a bit longer.

Immersing myself in pictures has a somewhat similar effect, allowing to relive past moments. That's what I'll do over the next couple of days. Playing catch up, because there are so many fun things I still want to show you and myself (again).

Like these pictures of my favorite farmer's market in Amsterdam. Noordermarkt.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!