sunday in Hamburg.

On Sunday we got up early to go to the Fischmarkt, a big farmer's market at the harbour where everything is sold from produce to cheese; just not that much fish, ironically. After getting coffee we sat by the water to soak up some sun.

We ended up having serious difficulties bringing home all the stuff we bought on two bikes: a pair of olive wood cutting boards, 2kg peaches, 1/2 a pound of cherries, 3 artichokes, 6 avocados, countless tomatoes, half a watermelon and raspberries. It was ridiculous really.

In an effort to use up some of our loot, I made peach crumble, loosely based on this recipe.

Later that day, after having been surprised by heavy rainfalls yet again and getting soaked to the bone yet again, we took the crumble and cycled to our friend Anne for a pre-concert-meal.

Bon Iver was playing in the Stadtpark and I am still smiling from the experience. It was a night for the books.