the time I tried to save a bee's life.

So, yesterday.

Yesterday was weird. Thinking about the things I have to finish in the next two weeks, my heart was racing all day. My head was spinning and it felt as though I had lost control over my thoughts, like they had a life of their own.

After a frustrating and unproductive day at home, I just left the house, walking.

On my search for a sunny patch of grass, I noticed a little bee on the sidewalk. He was on his back, with his tiny feet in the air. With a leaf, I tried to help him turn around. We succeeded, but he was weak and wobbly, tumbling over again and again. Thinking he must be hungry, I held a flower to his mouth. Nothing seemed to help. I put him on the grass far away from the street and left, feeling utterly sad.

Reaching the sunny patch of grass, I plopped down, all fours stretched out. My poor little friend.

Aren't bees just incredible creatures, worthy of ridiculous saving-attempts? I think so.

I didn't feel good, but at least my heart and mind stopped racing, because for a moment I wasn't focused on me, me, me. Yes, I'm still doubting if I can finish it all. But that's life too, sometimes.

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