under a tree, again.

Since writing this post  one year ago, a lot has happened. I finished my studies in business marketing and graphic design, finished my (hopefully last) awesome internship, lived in NYC, started freelancing, and moved to Amsterdam. More like, I am still moving in. And still getting my bearings. And still having to get papers, CV and website in order. But I also have been fortunate enough to work on some amazing freelance projects already. Makes settling in that much easier.

As for this place, I really missed posting more regular and will pop in more often from now on. First and foremost though, it'll remain my "no-fuss-no-pressure-no-stress"-corner on the internets.

Hoping you guys will hang around for this next chapter of my life. For future posts, I can already promise lots of pictures of cheese, cute Amsterdam cafés and massive complaining about the weather.

Oh and in case you have been looking for a good Google Reader alternative, I personally found feedly to be the best of the bunch.

See you soon guys!