moodboard 01: fresh and clean.

I decided to incorporate more of my working life on the blog. This is definitely a challenge, since I just started working for myself two months ago and still have to get into the full swing of things. There is so much to think of when running your own small business. I especially struggle with the project + time management side of things. I really admire all of you freelance folks out there! I'm sure I'll get there, eventually. Like with all new situations, you just need some time to adjust and don't forget to enjoy the bumpy ride along the way.

So, this moodboard. It is for a small business in the tourism industry and they wanted something fresh and young, yet sophisticated, with a feminine touch. I am in love with the colours, don't they just scream summer fun? What I wouldn't give for a poolside Sangria right now...

What do you guys think?

links to pictures can be found on my pinterest boards