Back from the road

We are back from our UK trip and it's been wonderful. We have both fallen hard for this country & its people and have already sworn to go back soon. With streets named Fairy Cross that end in a forest, how can you not love it? It's been less of a vacation of rest, sleep & chilling though and more of a travelling experience, endlessly inspiring to the senses, but also pretty tiring. I will be posting about our UK trip properly, once I get a chance to sort through all the photos, but I wanted to take a minute and share some (really) random thoughts I had while driving back.

  • I absolutely love British radio. The show Quote, Unquote on BBC 4 is hilarious. Need to listen to more radio and audiobooks. 
  • Eton Mess, what a revelation. I will make this heavenly desert asap.
  • Caramel + Chocolate covered popcorn. Unreal.
  • The accent. Enough said.
  • The hedge lined roads that look like a maze, tunnels made of trees.
  • The humour, laughing at themselves mostly. Love it!
  • UK charity shops are what thrifting is all about. Cheap junk and hidden treasures. Nothing like those over-priced, hyped second-hand boutiques here in Amsterdam.

Obviously I didn't wear 80% of my clothes packed, while on the other hand a few essential things were missing from our camping gear. Uhm, plates anyone? We ate out of pots for 10 days. After reminding each other several times, to not forget to pack the coffee maker, our most used kitchen tool by far, of course in the end we did forget it. So we had to rough it out and drink our coffee camp style. Just a teaspoon in a cup with hot water, stir, let grounds settle, drink. And it's actually not bad at all.

Oxford coming up next.

Picture 1 is taken in a suburb of Oxford. The rest are all taken at Wilderness Festival.