5 things.

So, I was tagged in my first blog game of sorts.

Annette asked me, if I wanted to join in, answering 5 random things about myself.

Of course I want! Little tidbits of people's life are such entertaining reads to me, so I hope you enjoy it ,too.

5 things you didn't {want to} know about me

1. Unless it's soup, yogurt or ice cream, I don't like eating with a spoon. I will always always always prefer a fork to eat my meals, be it chili, stew, risotto, mashed potatoes, cake, or any other dish.

2. Speaking of ice cream. I hate melted ice cream. Really, can't stand it. As soon as my gelato has become somewhat liquid, I pass it on to my friends, who don't seem to mind. In my book, ice cream has to be firm and cold, not runny and soft.

3. I cry when I laugh. Like, balling my eyes out. It can get a tad unsettling for people, when they don't know anymore, if I am happy or sad. Also, I am thankful for the invention of waterproof mascara.

4. I decided not to buy any new clothes in 2012. As in, no shopping in department stores, boutiques, the internet...you get the picture.

5. If I can be anything in the whole wide world, not taking talent or situation into consideration, I would be a professional surfer. Being in the water all day, travelling the world in search of the best waves...oh, a girl can dream.

Now, I can't wait to hear about the little quirks of these 5 incredibly cool ladies:

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My name twin Maja, from A Charmed Life

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*pictures of my friend Florent surfing, taken in Bali