day three.

How I've missed this place. Hi friends!

The last two weeks have been kind of a blur. Too much time was spent on trains and in cars, packing and unpacking, saying Hi! and Bye! to loved ones.

On Monday, I started my internship in Hamburg at a German food magazine. It feels great, and I am so curious to see what the next six months will hold in store.

Before arriving in Hamburg though, I made a quick stop in Berlin to hang out with lots of amazing people at The Hive  (a European Blog Conference).

There were great presentations, lots of blogging wisdom to take in and notes to write down. I met inspiring people like the lovely and incredibly fashionable sisters, Thea and Toni, from SisterMag . Or the captivating Jeanetta from frydogdesign , who creates the dreamiest online magazine . And of course the really cool guys from Freunde von Freunden, an international interview magazine that portrays people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their homes. Friends were made with the sweet Sarah  and the fun girls from trendlovski . Food photography workshops were held by the bubbly and talented Anne.

I left feeling happy to have met so many like minded people and excited for new opportunities. My heart and head are full of inspiration.

I didn't expect all the joy and the friendships that blogging brings. Otherwise, I would have started much much sooner.

Thanks to everyone, who comes by once in a while and sometimes even leaves me a note. Never in my life have I smiled at my computer screen more often.

*picture taken at the food photography workshop