a russian hello.

Friends, greetings from Russia.

Posting regularly here is not really feasible, but I wanted to pop in and say a quick hello.

We have been in Russia for 4 days now and it has already been one big adventure. You see, my boyfriend's brother is getting married and his bride is originally from Russia, so they decided to have one hell of a wedding here in Stavropol in the north Caucasus. The family and I flew into Moscow, where we had a few days to see the sights and go explore the surrounding area a bit. Oh my, what an impressive city - one of the  biggest cities in Europe with 12 Million people living there and an area almost as big as the Netherlands.

Now everyone is getting ready for the big day - friends from the Netherlands flew in, family from Brazil and Israel are here and of course the Russian family of the bride. It's one multiculti hodgepodge of people and we love it!

The pictures above were taken at the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, "the most important Russian monastery and the spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church."