a russian wedding.

Man, do Russians know how to throw a party. And by party I mean a two day-full on-drink-food-dance-feast. I am not kidding, when saying that I needed like three days to recover. The pictures above are from the ceremony and reception.

Unfortunately no useful photographs from the actual wedding dinner and party. Let's just say it was unreal. Picture mountains of food and traditional Caucasian dancers, singers and whatnot in between courses. The program was FULL. They didn't cut the cake til midnight, not sure if that's the norm?! Day two of the wedding extravaganza was spent at a lake with more food, booze and dancing. Phew.

It was an experience I will never forget and wouldn't want to have missed for the world, but one Russian Wedding is enough for one lifetime.

1// View during the ceremony.

2// Bride and groom. Obviously...

3// Reception spread.

4// Russian Uncle living in Switzerland, owning ship to hunt for sunken Chinese treasure. I am NOT kidding.

5// Guests from Brazil and Argentina.

6// This is what it looks like, when three people try to entertain the youngest wedding guest all at the same time. Brides beware, adorable baby girls will steal your thunder!